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Admission Results of Round I Admission 2019-20

24 May 2019


Please refer to the following documents for the application results of Round I Admission 2019-20:

Shun Hing College (CLICK HERE)

Chi Sun College (CLICK HERE)

Lap-Chee College (CLICK HERE)

New College (CLICK HERE)


College Charges for year 2019-20 (CLICK HERE)


SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS: Applicants should login to their HKU Portal for the offer of admission. Please carefully read all the information and terms stipulated in the offer and respond according to the instruction given before the specified deadline (i.e. 17:00 on 31 May 2019). If the acceptance of offer is not received by the deadline, the offer will be automatically withdrawn. 

WAITLISTED APPLICANTS: If places become available and you are considered for admission, you will be notified of the offer of admission individually via HKU Portal e-mail. Students who do not receive e-mail notification by 30 June 2019 may consider their applications unsuccessful. 

UNSUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS: If you wish to have your application reviewed, you may login to your HKU Portal and submit your appeal in the Hall Admission System. Your appeal form should be completed and submitted within 72 hours following announcement of results, i.e. by 14:59 on 27 May 2019. No request for appeal will be entertained after the deadline.